All lightning.
No thunder.



For the first time since the
Industrial Revolution, the
engine can disappear

Imagine a new horizon.

No more engine blocks, pistons or chokes.

No more slicks, noise, or smoke.

Positively electric

EFalke is making the engine disappear. Discover what silent power and Swiss engineering bring to the electrification of the marine market. From luxury boating to harbor workhorse applications, we deliver total system efficiency.

Powerful solutions optimised for low energy use that extend cruising time.

Cheerful young woman enjoying motorboat ride

Positively thrilling

We’re not just changing minds.

We’re changing markets.

Our electric motor systems are built for pure exhilaration. From the torque of a tug, to the zip of a ski boat, from inboards and outboards, to sterndrives, EFalke is moving the marine market out of the ICE age.