400 Electric Horses. Ready for Everything

The heart of our end-to-end marine drivetrain is the 400-horsepower motor, part of a complete solution that can be configured to deliver all the power you can imagine for pleasure craft, harbor, and commercial fleets. Inboard, outboard, or sterndrive — EFalke is your single source for integrated electric drives.

EFalke engineer

Vroom With A View

Imagine boat designs that make the water, not the motor, the center of attention.

EFalke Electric Boat System

Completely Configurable

Our engineers collaborate with your designers to build application specific boats no matter if it needs Inboard or outboard, stern drive and multi drive solutions. As your partner, we can help you deliver a stress free electrification solution from the digital steering to the charger. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

The Wise Are Known By Their Silence

Other electric motors remain focused on sub-100 horsepower outboard applications. EFalke’s integrated drivetrain is optimized for maximum performance and maximum efficiency. Our Swiss-engineered gearing lets your customers hear the water, not the distracting rumble of an Internal Combustion Engine.

EFalke Electric Sterndrive cutout to reveal the gears

Commercial Boats

EFalke is at the cutting edge of commercial maritime electrification. Our multi-motor solutions can scale from 400 HP up to 5000 HP. Couple that with our AI-controlled Electronic Control Unit (ECU), and power sharing at variable speeds gets optimized like magic. Pick a hybrid solution, from solar to traditional, to hydrogen fuel cells and you’ll still reduce your footprint while reducing operating and maintenance costs. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Broaden Your Horizons

Since the sailing era, boating has been defined by what you can’t see from the helm. EFalke’s low-profile motors supports a new generation of watercraft design that let’s the driver see the skier over the motor, and even hear them talk. Silent motors transform commercial vessels, changing the crew’s ability to communicate to improve safety and productivity.

EFalke Outboard mounted on a boat
EFalke Inverter

Smart Controllers, Efficient Motors

At EFalke, every component of the drivetrain is designed to optimize power and performance. Our motor controller optimizes the entire drive system, tuning operation in real-time to milk every minute of pleasure and productivity from the vessel and its batteries.

Elegant, Informative, Efficient

Looks count, even at the helm. EFalke’s integrated design and standardized components provide the operator deep insight into motor and battery performance. Your boat, like the latest EVs, can stand alone with unique operator user experience.

EFalke custom dashboard IoT Solution
EFalke Workmanship of swiss engineering

Like Clockwork

Open an EFalke motor and the rigorous workmanship of our Swiss engineers is immediately evident. We build to precise tolerances to ensure a quiet, reliable boating experience that requires minimal maintenance.