We harness lightning. Without the bottle.

EFalke Team with Electric Outboard, Electric Sterndrive, Electric motor and components

Our Mission + Story

The performance boundaries of the ICE age are breaking up behind us. With Swiss precision, EFalke has cut to the front of the maritime electrification market. EFalke is focused on total system efficiency, taking a holistic approach to redesigning every component of the drive train – from gears to motors, controllers to propellers. Commercial or pleasure, cutting-edge or hybrid, EFalke creates heart-thumping, cost-cutting solutions for any application.


EFalke launched with a mission to clean up and silence fossil fuel-powered boating. We’re committed to waste-free production using renewable energy and sustainably sourced materials with the lowest possible greenhouse gas and environmental footprint.

In the long run, EFalke will achieve negative emissions and drawdown its cumulative lifetime environmental impact.


Mohammed Alobaidi

Founder And Principal Investor

For over 20 years, Mohammed Alobaidi’s career has followed the rise of lithium battery technology and the conversion opportunities it presented. He used the forecasted price projection and technology roadmap to pre-empt the next conversion opportunity. A believer in the diversity of the supply chain, he built and scaled multiple engineering and manufacturing operations in Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Switzerland and the USA, successfully converting several markets to lithium batteries. In 2020, he sold Green Cubes Technology, a leader in Lithium-ion (Li-ion) power systems in order to turn his focus to the next electrification opportunity: the maritime market.

Mohammed Alobaidi
Jochen Schumann

Jochen Schumann

CEO, Founder, and Principal Investor

An industry expert in the architecture of power systems’ design, Jochen helped create some of the world’s most advanced power platforms for server farms, electric trains, and advanced efficiency motive chargers. In 2022, Jochen took the helm of EFalke’s diverse team of experienced engineers who share a passion for breaking the barriers of technology. With his sights set firmly on the electric conversion of the maritime market, Jochen will help deliver a wide range of propulsion solutions for OEMs and consumers.

Ivan Feno

Co-founder and CTO

Ivan brings foundational insights in power electronics to EFalke where he directs our engineering team. Ivan holds a PhD in power electronics, several patents and has sharpened our pioneering work in e-drive efficiency with deep expertise in GaN/SiC technology. Ivan has a passion for the outdoors, having spent countless hours hiking, mountain biking, and skiing in the Swiss Alps. A magician when it comes to advanced computer simulations, Ivan is guided by a steadfast commitment to expanding the horizon of human transportation.

Ivan Feno